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Integrated Pest Managment

To fully understand the term "Integrated Pest Management" or IPM, one must first define the word "Pest".  To over-simplify a pest is something we don't like, in the wrong place (ie: our home or business) at the wrong time.  They include animals, insects, rodents even vegetation.  Pests are anything that we as people consider to be an annoyance or, in the worst case scenario, a health or safety problem.


Control:  The next step to understanding Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to understand the basic concept of control.  Control refers to the action that is taken by us (Pest Control North America) that will have an effect on the pests.  It does not necessary mean extermination or fumigation.  While we do offer these services where necessary many clients now look for "green pest management solutions."  Pest Control North America can easily provide our customers with the solution they need.


Defining IPM:
Integrated Pest Management, or "IPM," can be defined as a decision-making process that anticipates and prevents pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies to achieve long-term solutions. Components of the Pest Control North America Integrated Pest Management program  may include education, proper waste management, structural repair, maintenance, biological and mechanical control techniques, and pesticide application.

The beauty of our program is that we can plan ahead and employ strategies that will often prevent pest from ever building up to a level where they may cause anyone trouble.




We are experts in controlling the following pests:


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